7 Distinctives of Classical Christian Education (PDF)
by David Hansen

An Apology for Latin and Math (PDF)
by Cheryl Lowe

The Lost Tools of Learning (essay, PDF)
by Dorothy Sayers


Web Site Links

ACCS, Association of Classical Christian Schools

Tbe Society for Classical Learning

Classis a monthly publication

The Circe Institute

Schola Tutorials

CBN News Clip: A Superior Alternative To Public Schools



Shepherding a Child’s Heart
by Tedd Tripp

Don’t Make Me Count to Three
by Ginger Plowman

The Latin Centered Curriculum
by Andrew Campbell

Climbing Parnassus
by Tracy Lee Simmons

Repairing the Ruins
edited by Douglas Wilson

On Secular Education
by R.L. Dabney

Excused Absence
by Douglas Wilson

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